Around Bergen aan Zee you can enjoy fantastic walks in every season, both in the ‚‘Noordhollands Duinreservaat‘ as in the ‚‘Schoorlse Duinen‚‘. The entrance of the Verspyckweg dune reserve starts in the street of Maison Verspyck. The signage is good and clear. Take a leisurely stroll through the dunes or take a brisk walk, for example to one of the surrounding village centers of Bergen, Schoorl or Egmond aan Zee. En route you will enjoy peace, space and breathtaking nature

Access to the Schoorlse Duinen nature reserve is free of charge. For the Noordhollands Duinreservaat a dune card is required which is available at the entrance of the reserve on the Verspyckweg.


In and around Bergen aan Zee there are dozens of kilometers of cycle paths. Both in the North Holland Dune Reserve and in the Schoorlse Duinen you make endless trips in every season. Good signage, excellent paved paths. Comfortable routes, but also here and there a steep climb or descent through the open dunes or the rolling forests. Motorized traffic has no access in the dune area. Electrically driven bicycles with pedal assistance are allowed.
Finally, the MTB course around Schoorl is highly recommended for the sporty cyclist. A challenging route with many differences in height. From Bergen aan Zee you can reach this single track in 20 minutes and you can start.
Bring your own bike or rent one!

Looking for nice routes and info? We are happy to inform you and have various routes and maps available for inspection in the breakfast room.

Going out

Bergen aan Zee has a wide variety of beach restaurants where you can enjoy coffee and pastries or an extensive dinner.
A number of beach restaurants are open all year round so that you can also settle here in the winter.
The charming village of Bergen borders Bergen aan Zee and has many luxury shops, culinary restaurants and cozy bars.

Information about Bergen

Informative sites Bergen:
Bottle mail from Bergen with weekly news about fun parties, beach activities, exhibitions and more in Bergen and Bergen aan Zee.

General info of the area:
VVV Hart of North Holland 
Welcome to Bergen For information about the nice shops and to do in Bergen, you can also find restaurants and cafes here.

Beach rules:
If you want mountain biking on the beach, check where and when you can go on the beach through the beach rules.
Beach rules.

For parking in and around Bergen:
Parking rates in Bergen and surroundings.

* Also ask the hostess for fun and up-to-date tips for shops and restaurants!